Regulating Lines


This work spans from collecting and archiving paper to probe its resemblance to structures, places, and the digital realm. By enlarging patterns of airmail envelopes, overlaying them to create distortions between different patterns, Sharma seeks to further deconstruct the physical documentation into a digital and fictional realm. Citing works such as Crying Lot of 49, Sharma’s thesis work is centered on notions of society, control of information, and laws of thermodynamics.


Ongoing change

This application is about entropy of using various messages from around the world and creating abstract images, created by these security envelopes.Synthesizing photographic practices like blend modes to judge various gestures in news papers ie violence, happiness, prosperity, commitment, treaties and various other gestures of the society.Where as this judgement workers as communal understanding represented with unpredictability of responses given by mass media but is still a judgement and precise.

An artificial intelligence, an enzyme, a demon.